Oh Sarah

Last weekend Sarah came to visit! Much to her surprise, the weekend revolved around basketball. We drove out to Virginia to watch a tournament Brooke was playing in and met up with my family after the tournament to watch the Final Four at Union Pub. The highlight of the evening was when 15 year old Brooke, deciding what she wanted to drink (always a long process), asked the bartender: "So how is your grapefruit juice?" Probably not a question the bartender was expecting. Here is a picture of us at the pub:

Amidst all of the basketball hoopla, we managed to squeeze in some non-basketball related activities for the sake of Sarah's sanity. With the warm weather we were motivated to get out and ride. We rode down the hill, around the mall, past the tidal basin, and back again with a brief stop at the Native American Museum for some delicious food. It was a whirlwind tour of DC fighting crowds on wheels. I almost wiped out - twice. We had a blast! Somehow Sarah and I always manage to get the most unflattering pictures with each other in helmets. Here are a few:

On Sunday we had a delicious brunch at Bread and Chocolate of a breakfast panini and peach German Pancakes. Yum! We spent the afternoon house hunting - checking out the interiors of the gorgeous homes that make up Capitol Hill. After church at GraceDC in the evening, it was sad to see Sarah go. We cannot wait for her to come back and visit again!

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