What an amazing birthday! Apparently March 23 will not be Easter Sunday for another 90+ years. It was odd to celebrate both my birthday and Christ's death and resurrection at the same time. However, it made it a great time to be with family.

I was able to celebrate for a whole week. Last weekend, Mark got me a new camera, a Cannon "SD1100is" to be exact. He decided to get it early so we could be fully armed for the family Easter/Birthday weekend. So beware: random pictures of DC will be frequenting the blog, especially now that spring has arrived.

Last week was full of mini celebrations. I went out to lunch with friends and also celebrated in my office with cake and balloons. Then on Friday, Mark and I went to Safe Harbor for the Good Friday service with the Schreiber family. After church we went to Big Bats Cafe for birthday "appetizers." We had all already eaten dinner. It was great to see Ben, Jim, and Dee Dee since we were celebrating Easter in PA.

Then Saturday, we had a big ole' spaghetti birthday dinner with friends and family at the Angelos house. The evening was quite a success full of family, friends, good food, and march madness. (my family follows basketball...shock!) Faith, Sarah and I were able to catch up and it was great to see the guys too.

On Sunday morning we woke up and went to Great Valley Presbyterian for the Easter service. It was nice to be back in the church where we were married. Then back to the house for some R&R, good food, and more basketball.

Church, Family, Food, Friends, Basketball - How could a birthday weekend be any better?

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