What a weekend.

Our weekend was all chock full of adventures and surprises. Our friend John Willis, who works in the Development office at Gordon, came down for the weekend. On Friday night we had Dinner and a DC alumni event on Capitol Hill. The alumni event was a great chance to see friends who live in the area and John kept us laughing until midnight. Saturday morning we had brunch at Tunnicliff’s Tavern at Eastern Market. Mmmm. Mmmm. Good! No matter what I eat at Tunnicliff’s, I am always happy.

Next, Mark, John, Jesse and I piled into the car on our way to the Georgetown Maryland lacrosse game, at Georgetown. We had quite the crowd, Ben and a friend from school came, a co-worker of Mark’s joined us too. Jesse and Mark relived the glory days. The game was great. Maryland dominated.

Then the whirlwind afternoon began. We packed our bags, and Ben, Mark and I drove to PA making it to Villanova University just in time for the second half of Brooke’s district championship basketball game. Villa Maria won, Brooke was the leading scorer, and in the 4th quarter the Villa fans started chanting, “She’s a freshman!” Brooke played so well and the Angelos crowd (all 22 of us) couldn’t have cheered any louder! We topped the evening by celebrating the win at Casey’s with Buffalo wings and nachos galore.

On Sunday morning I took Brooke to her AAU tryouts for the Comets at Notre Dame Academy. Because she is still in her post season, she wasn’t allowed to participate in the try outs, but they assured her that her spot on the team is secure. Go Comets! It was great to see all of the girls trying out and also how excited everyone was for Brooke's stellar performance the night before. While we were there, Lilly Pulitzer was shooting their back to school catalog and we got to watch. It is going to be so cute! Then again, I think anything Lilly Pulitzer is “so cute!”

Oh, and don't worry, pictures from the game will be posted soon...

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