During our recent weekend to the North Shore, Mark and I realized a few things:

1. It is much colder in Boston than in DC – we are glad we live in DC.
2. There are way too many people we love who live on the North Shore…
3. …and there is not enough time in one weekend to visit everyone!
4. We miss seeing it snow. We were so excited to wake up to a light snow fall on Sunday morning. It snowed just for us!
5. (and we are well aware that points one and four conflict)

Our weekend was great. We were able to stay at our old apartment and hang out with Honey, Hull, Nora and Muddy. We had lunch with co-workers, dinner with friends, and ran out of meals to enjoy with people. We hung out with lacrosse players. We even made it to Hamilton Congregational for church Sunday morning. We lingered in the fellowship hall, not quite ready to leave where we used to call home. We were so sad to have missed so many people, but grateful for the time we did get to spend. It could not have been a better weekend.

The drive was long, but permitted us lots of time to laugh. We have stories, which you probably don’t want to hear. Fortunately the traffic was light and made for an easy trip, as easy as 9 hours can be. Somewhere along our trip home, in Connecticut on Rt. 84 the odometer on the Oldsmobile hit 84848 miles. It seemed fitting for the numbers to match so well, as our trip was perfect!

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