City Outdoor Space

Some weekends we never get out of our pajamas.

We are lucky if all three of us are pulled together for church.

 Some times the only outdoor time we have is on our wee little balcony.

We love that sitting up there makes us feel like we are skipping rocks on a sea of roof tops.

The city scape can be so beautiful.

We love our balcony.

Especially on the days that it is our only connection to the outside.


Blowing kisses to the camera.

These pictures were taken during an impromptu "13 months," photo shoot, just before leaving for church last week. Behr and I both look presentable, which is quite the feat these days. Although the 13 month milestone soared by with little fanfare, there has been quite a lot of learning. Behr has been picking up new words and phrases and using old ones with increasing regularity including: ball, book, hi mom, dada, and a whole lot of gibberish. He has started to use his tongue as he tries to form words, and it is hilarious. We all just fall on the floor laughing.  Behr loves taking out the trash, blowing kisses, and being outside. He gets excited and has even learned to poop on the potty. Whoa! That one caught us off guard, but we are running with it. One thing is certain, we are having more and more fun with this little boy as each week passes.

I am wearing:
Shirt: anthro sale, it is already gone!
Belt: H&M when I was first pregnant
Necklace: Banana Republic...years ago
this entire outfit is coming with me to san francisco!

Behr is wearing:
Sweater: Carters
Shirt: Gymboree
Khakis: Carters
Socks: Old Navy

I am linking up with some of my favorites!

pleated poppy


  1. what a great space! living in the city, a balcony can be a life saver. sometimes you just want to be outside w/o the hustle and bustle of the city :) cute outfits for BOTH of you!

  2. Girl, you are going to look so much cooler than me in my own city! And Behr is just adorable. I can hardly wait to pick him up and shower him with kisses. You better work on him learning my name. I have big expectations for this kid!

  3. These photos are so adorable, especially the blowing kisses!! I wish I had a balcony, I want to grow things outside!! I am the ground floor but we have none of our own outside space.

  4. you both look great. we love our balcony too but i really like your view better!

  5. oh shannon... the swag. its incredible. is that georgetown??!? looks BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Love your view! And those kisses!! Priceless.
    Great outfit on you :: definitely a "bring with".

  7. love your view--i would love to sit on a balcony and see that! also love your blouse--so cute! and your cute little guy :)

  8. Lookin' fab! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!

  9. cuties. i'm liking that anthro shirt too.

  10. ah, i love these. and i love the view from your balcony. it's beautiful. makes me yearn for the city :)

  11. Ok, you two are adorable! I love your shirt!

  12. Hi Shannon!

    I love your whole outfit! that shirt especially.

    (And your little one it too cute. Love the kisses pic.)


  13. You two just melt my heart! Love both of you, and both of your styles :)



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